How does the Plastics Library work?

Imagine a huge bookshelf - transferred to the virtual world: All important titles for your daily work in the plastics industry are at your disposal around the clock - 24/7 - and are updated by new editions.

In various packages - depending on specialization, scope of information, previous knowledge and budget - we offer you a wide range of plastics expertise.

The technical literature can be read on screen like a book, annotated, marked and, of course, searched particularly well by keyword.

Where to find what?

So you can find your way around quickly. The screenshot shows the start page of the Plastics Library. The most important areas are explained in detail below.

1) Login area

By clicking on the button “Login” in the top right corner of the Plastics Library you will get to the login window. Here you can log in with your access data and change your password.

2) Filter categories and publications

Here you can filter the displayed works by specific content categories, A-Z, or you can search the works by individual keywords in the title.

3) Change sort order

The default sorting shows newly published works first. You can also sort alphabetically by clicking here.

4) Search function

Clicking on the search function on the far right opens a column view in which you can search the entire library, a selection of works on your “desk”, or the currently opened work by keyword. See below for more information.

5) Mini menu on the book cover

Clicking on the three turquoise dots on the book cover opens a short summary as well as a table of contents with extended information about the work. In the case of works with several editions or runs, you can call up the individual versions here.

6) My Desk

Here you can store works that you need more often and do not want to search for long. Every opened work automatically ends up on the desktop and can be removed again with one click.